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MentorPal Team and Alumni


    ONR Program Manager - Michael Simpson, PhD, Director Education and Workforce

    ICT Principal Investigator - Benjamin D. Nye, PhD, Director of Learning Sciences

    ICT Co-PI, and SOPA - William Swartout, PhD, CTO ICT

    ICT Research Scientist - Julian Campbell, EdD, Training Consultant, now living in Bay Area

    ICT Special Projects Manger - Milton Rosenberg

 ICT Researchers:

    Larry Kirchner

    David Cobbins

    Kayla Carr

 USC Research Assistants:

  (Listed in order of project service: about 14 Months down to 2 Months)

    Nicholas Kaimakis

    Madhusudhan Krishnamachari

    Samuel Breck

    Gaurav Bose

 USC Interns:

    Joseph Gunderson (CalPoly SLO)

    Vivian Liu (Cal)

    Kenny Shaw (Georgia Tech)

    Mohammad Sanad Rizvi (Nat'l Inst. of Engr., Mysore)

  ICT Consultant:

    Dan M. Davis, CDR, USN-Ret, JD


    Clinton Anderson, EMC USNR, MS Grad-Student, USC

    Dan Davis, CDR, USN-Ret, Consultant, USC

    Julianne Nordhagen, ENS, USN, Pilot Training, NAS Pensacola

    Carlos Rios, SPAWAR-SYSCEN

    Daphne Kapolka, CAPT USN-Ret, PhD, Instructor NPS



Webmeister, MentorPal team member, and Mentor: Dan Davis.